Winter Warriors

Snow covered scene wtih bridge in background
It’s pretty when it first falls.

Its been a tough winter here in New England.  Snow storms, shoveling and navigating transit issues have most of us tapped out and stressed.  Unfortunately the combination of exhaustion, stress and emotional fatigue creates the perfect condition for illness.  Add in a little bit of a break: “wow! only 3-4 inches of snow this week!” or major transition of climates such as going to or coming back from the school break in Florida, and people can easily come down with the viruses currently wreaking congestion upon the populace.

Into this potentially noxious environment comes a way to fight back:  Chinese Herbs in the form of a tea:  Winter Warrior.  This tea is a simple combination of 5 herbs designed to help prevent colds and flus from taking root in your system.  The herbs are:

  • Chrysanthemum/Ju Hua: fights the common cold/flu, soothes the eyes, helps headaches
  • Honeysuckle/Jin Yin Hua: helps fight fevers, anti-viral & anti-bacterialWinter Warrior herbs
  • Isatis Root/Ban Lan Gen: treats burning sore throats, anti-viral
  • Mint/Bo He:  soothes sore throats, lowers temperatures, fights colds
  • Licorice/Gan Cao:  helps make the other herbs work well together

The tea is available from the New England School of Acupuncture bookstore:  and dispensary:

Click link to download a PDF explaining more about these herbs.   Winter Warrior herbs