Arvigo Techniques for Pregnancy

Arvigo Techniques are a safe, gentle technique that support the health of mother and child(ren) during the pregnancy, ease labor and delivery, and finally help healing during postpartum.
Image of pregnant belly with hands

Practitioners who apply these techniques in their practice report the following benefits:

During Pregnancy

  • Improved digestion with better absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste
  • relief of pain and discomforts of pregnancy
  • improved blood flow to pelvic floor muscles
  • improved blood flow to baby
  • reduced tension and anxiety
  • decreased congestion due to fluid stasis
  • decreased first trimester nausea
  • improved alignment of the pelvic bones
  • decreased pain from sciatica or hip misalignment
  • increased circulation of blood and lymph to sacrum
  • increased potential for the sacrum to oscillate during labor, easing labor pain
  • increased nerve conduction through the sacrum to improve conduction to the uterus and cervix
  • improved cranionsacral rhythm
  • improved joint flexibility with L5 for greater mobility
  • improved fetal positioning for birth: provides baby the optimal easy way

During Labor and Delivery

  • Increased efficiency of labor from active labor to birth
  • increasing confidence for mother by increasing oxytocin

During the Postpartum Period

  • Improves healing for diastasis recti
  • Involution occurs more efficiently and quicker

Surgical Intervention

  • Multidimensional healing for women desiring VBAC
  • Reducing excessive scar tissue

While Arvigo Techniques are safe and effective, they are not used as an alternative to good medical care during pregnancy.  In particular, women will not be treated in the following situations:

  • Infections with fever, chills, redness or undiagnosed pain
  • Bleeding in pregnancy and labor
  • Postpartum bleeding that is greater than a period
  • Not before six weeks postpartum
  • Cesarian birth: not before six weeks postpartum