Is This For You?

You feel unwell but are never really sick.

Your energy is low and you don’t feel healthy but you don’t have anything “really wrong” with you.

You want an alternative to surgery or medication.

You’re looking for an answer to your well-being that avoids surgery or requires taking lots of pills.

You’ve been diagnosed with a chronic health condition and want ways to live with it successfully.

You know there is no quick fix or cure for your condition but you’d like to have more energy to live your life fully and/or have fewer side effects from medications.

You have abdominal and digestive complaints that never seem to resolve.

You are tired of your digestive issues causing you to feel unwell, pain or embarrassment, and you wonder if there is something you can do to change it.

Your emotions sometimes feel as if they are running you.

You’ve dealt with irritation, depression, anxiety, sadness or PMS and it persists despite your best efforts and intentions.

You want to get pregnant and are having difficulty.

You’re trying to get pregnant and nothing is working, but you’d rather not do the whole IVF thing, or you are too young for insurance to cover it. You’ve heard acupuncture might help.

You’re dealing with a period of extra stress or transition.

You want ways to ease the stress and stay healthy while handling things in your life.

You are committed to your own well-being and are looking for someone to work with you, not on you.

You are basically healthy and want to stay that way, now and in the future, so you want to maintain your health before anything goes wrong. You want someone who will listen to you and work in partnership for your health.