Live Well Live Long

There exist no miraculous methods in the world, only plain ones, and the perfection of the plain is miraculous. Fei Boxiong, 186311 The ordinary is the extraordinary. Wang Xiang-Zhai (Qigong master), 1885 – 1963 (in Cohen, K. 2000. The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing. Ballantine Books Inc.)   Most … Continue reading Live Well Live Long

Using probiotics to improve seasonal allergies

During a recent study (funded by the probiotic maker) 175 research study participants were given either 2 probiotic capsules or placebo during spring allergy season. The participants receiving probiotics showed a small but significant improvement in allergy symptoms. A link to a review of the study is found here: This supports what we know … Continue reading Using probiotics to improve seasonal allergies

Winter Warriors

Its been a tough winter here in New England.  Snow storms, shoveling and navigating transit issues have most of us tapped out and stressed.  Unfortunately the combination of exhaustion, stress and emotional fatigue creates the perfect condition for illness.  Add in a little bit of a break: "wow! only 3-4 inches of snow this week!" … Continue reading Winter Warriors